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When you entered your career, you thought you’d be making a difference, didn’t you? You thought you’d be working in a supportive environment and sharing your creativity while being appreciated and energized throughout the day.  

Chances are pretty good that if you’re reading this, your reality is not measuring up to that beautiful vision and you’re wondering what to do.  

How about a weekly dose of encouragement and practical things you can do to reclaim your freedom and put work back on your terms?  

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  • Take risks: take seemingly impossible risks to get what you want in your career, 
  • Realize your potential: live up to your full potential (and never feel like you sold out),
  • Create purpose and meaning: choose the impact you want to have to bring meaning and purpose back to your work life.

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"You have a great way of writing, you're funny, and I am grateful to hear you tackle such difficult topics, and provide details. So much of this - the cold, hard truth - is glossed over in online marketing today. You tell it like it is, keep it up!"


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